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Lotteria per la vita!

Ali is Mohammed’s brother. He was born on August the 1st 2015 in turkish refugee camp where he lived with the whole family. Turkish doctors who examined him and the pediatrician who follows us on every trip diagnosed him with Hydrocephalus with impaired neurological function and psychomotor due to vitamin B12 deficiency and some months no longer able to stand sit.

It must be subjected to an atrial or ventricular-peritoneal shunt, neurosurgical intervention not possible in Turkey due to his refugee status.

News of a few days ago that a very important and well-known Italian pediatric hospital will take over the operation and the hospital stay for the mother and the child, and that a large Italian non-profit organization will take care of the other four children who cannot be left in the settlement and of reunification practices with Mohammed and his father.

Today we launch a fund raising to bring Ali, his mother and brothers in Italy. Today we launch the Lottery for life

Partecipating is very simple and we’re going to explain in three steps

1) Made a bank transfer or paypal of 20 € or multiples (€ 40, € 60, 80 €, 100 €, etc etc)

2) please send copy of the bank transfer to the email

3) you will receive in a few hours a voucher with your name and a code which proves the donation in our favor.

This Voucher, which could be a wonderful gift for Christmas coming soon, you will be able to print, cut out and give to: parents, friends, brothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, husbands, neighbors, lovers, dogs and cats. The person who will receive it will be pulled out to win one of 3 prizes available. If, however, you have already thought of all but all gifts for Christmas, do it to you a gift and keep it until the final draw … and remember that if for example you transfer 100 € you will get  5 vouchers … I MEAN MORE AID ALI AND HIS FAMILY AND THE MORE YOU HAVE CHANCES TO WIN.

We kindly ask you to use this account



Codice IBAN IT38N0521651680000000090835


Divisa EUR


The prizes are 3:

1) first prize: a book, in single copy and autographed photos of Andrea Palmucci taken in syrian refugee camps in Jordan and Turkey.

2) 2nd Prize: 3 photos (30 x 40) in high-quality paper from the book by Andrea Palmucci.

3) third prize: 1 photo (30 x 40) in high quality paper from the book by Andrea Palmucci.

If you want to find out who is the author of the photos and the person always present in all our missions, have a look at his FB page Andrea Palmucci or his Instagram account andreapalmucciphotographer.


It’s the January 6, 2017 that live on Facebook the Befana will let you find the 3 prizes.


Inizia la scuola!


Accade che due anni fa si trovi un bambino molto malato in un campo profughi lungo il confine turco siriano.
Accade che i medici che lo hanno in cura gli diano poche speranze di vita.
Accade che ci si attivi per cercare di curarlo e salvargli la vita.
Accade che grazie all’aiuto dei sostenitori di #supportsyrianchildren e di persone di buona volontà si riesca finalmente a portarlo in Italia insieme al padre per cure mediche.
Accade che il coraggioso bambino debba, però, lasciare al campo la sua mamma e tutti i suoi fratelli.

Accade che il bambino venga operato, che si rimetta parzialmente perché la sua patologia è lunga da curare.
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Reportage della missione di luglio 2016

Ecco una breve testimonianza della missione di luglio 2016, appena conclusa, nei campi profughi, dove i nostri volontari si sono appena recati.

Segnaliamo la distribuzione alimentare, la distribuzione di cancelleria e il ‘gemellaggio’ con alcuni bambini di una scuola calabrese che hanno mandato disegni e messaggi ai loro coetanei meno fortunati.

Distribuzione Alimentare

150 pacchi distribuiti nei tre campi: in ogni pacco dentro c’erano farina, zucchero, olio, legumi, biscotti, pasta, riso. E tanto tanto desiderio di comunicare interesse e far capire che non sono così abbandonati e dimenticati da tutti.
Questo abbiamo portato nella missione in Turchia, che si è appena conclusa in questo inizio di luglio 2016.

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Maiar, la bimba del cuore

Nel corso della missione appena conclusasi (ottobre 2015), i nostri volontari insieme al dottor Marino Andolina si sono recati a fare visita alla piccola Maiar, la nostra “bimba del cuore”.


Ora vive a Kilis con la sua famiglia, dove è riuscita a trasferirsi dall’inferno del campo profughi di Bab al Salam.  La chiamiamo così perché la piccola è gravemente malata di cuore, e sembrava fosse prossima una sua operazione a Istanbul, ma in realtà le ultime notizie apprese direttamente dalla famiglia non sono buone: il percorso di cura non è stato ancora iniziato, all’ospedale di Istanbul sono stati fatti solo alcuni esami: a giudizio del medico, senza un trapianto di cuore la piccola non resisterà più di un anno.

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Je suis Mohammed

He is Mohammed, as we saw him the first time we met him. His huge abdomen is swollen of liquid because of a serious illness.


Mohammed have lived in these conditions in a refugee camp but thanks to lots of supporters who have contributed for him, we have been able to move Mohammed and his family in a small town close to the hospital.

Unfortunately that’s not enough: Mohammed has absolutely to be nursed and it has to be done a very delicate surgical intervention in order to save his life.

If this is not realized, the enormous efforts done before will become completely worthless.

This is why we are asking you another time to help us for him. We are in a decisive momento: if we are able to economically support him, Mohammed will live outside of the camp and he will be able to continue the life-saving treatment.

Otherwise it is assured Mohammed will not survive.

Every single one who will help him, could say “This Child is alive also THANKS TO ME”.